This is for small business owners who want to:

  • understand not only WHO their ideal customer is, but HOW to connect with them in a way that's genuine and builds brand loyalty 
  • understand the link between strategic marketing and achieving their key business goals
  • get clear on the direction of their business and plan this out in a way that's exciting and achievable
  • understand the best marketing channels for connecting with and growing their ideal audience 
  • understand how to plan, execute and analyse online and offline marketing 
  • understand buyer psychology and the emotional and rational drivers behind their customers' path to purchase
  • stop spending time with their face in their phones and become more present with family and friends 
  • get marketing strategies in place to elevate their business to the next level
  • stop feeling anxious when it comes to marketing or ‘selling' and understand the strategies and tactics to ensure they're confident in these areas
  • get an actionable plan!

After working with and teaching more than 1,000 small business owners across the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany and Spain, we know what gets results! 


The Marketing for Your Small Business course is divided up into 8 key modules, each one building on the lesson before it.  

Module 1

Embrace where you're at

Get clear on your own marketing "blocks" and understand the beliefs you have around what marketing a business really means.


Module 2

What is marketing?

Understand what Marketing is (and is not), why your business needs it, the difference between Brand and Sales, the four key principles of a marketing strategy and the buyer psychology that takes place along the path to purchase.


Module 3

What's your business all about?

Get laser focused on why your business exists, its key marketing messages, your unique value proposition and why someone would date your brand.


Module 4

How does marketing work today?

Understand the face lift marketing is going through and how to utilise it to your advantage. Discover how to execute influencer, content, experiential and analytics-driven marketing, get clear on your budget and understand the best channels for connecting your ideal audience.


Module 5

Who do you serve?

Understand your ideal audience in the same way you understand your friends and family, knowing how to connect, speak their language and encourage loyalty. Figure out your core content pillars and how you can batch create content to cut-through the noise and elicit action.


Module 6

What are your goals?

Stop throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks. In this module you dive deep into what it is your business most needs to scale and the marketing strategy required to bring those goals to fruition.


Module 7

What's in a great marketing plan?

Get crystal clear on the things to include - and remove - from your marketing plan to ensure you're constantly guiding your audience through the customer journey. Understand how to analyse key marketing metrics and adapt your marketing to suit the needs of your audience.


Module 8

What are the best tools to use?

Understand and learn how to use the best tools for brainstorming, creating, launching and analysing your marketing. Learn how to stay accountable, hire staff and outsource tasks.



Here’s what you’re getting:

Marketing for Your Small Business Course - $4,999 Value (or with the Coaching program - $9,049)


  • Bonus Website Design Training with Paige Brunton (Square Secrets) - $497
  • Bonus Instagram Training with Tracy Harris (Mums With Hustle) - $497
  • Bonus Leadership Training with Kylie Lewis (Ofkin) - $497
  • Bonus Facebook Training with Lindell Stewart (The Social Difference) - $497
  • Bonus SEO Training with Kate Toon (Kate Toon) - $497
  • Bonus Tech Tools Training & Video Tutorials - $497

Total Value:  $7,981 (or with Coaching $12,031!)

But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Pay in Full & Save

1x Payment of



Pay Monthly

4x Payments of



With more than 17 years experience working in senior content and marketing roles (in Australia and the UK) Fiona Killackey understands what small businesses need to do to scale without the stress. 





Do you want to spend another few months (read: years!) trying to "figure it out" or get clarity and be able to confidently take marketing action TODAY?


The Marketing for Your Small Business Course is available immediately. 

Once you purchase this, you will be sent a login and information email allowing you to access this as soon as you wish. 

We get it! Fiona has been working in senior marketing and content roles for almost 20 years. Experience matters. Unfortunately today there are numerous "experts" out there who are teaching, well, fluff. This course is packed with actionable advice and tactics you can implement immediately. 

It's why we have consistently sold out this course in its live version for the past three years. 

We accept payment plans only for the 8-Week Program at this stage. 

If you are in need of a payment plan for the course only due to Covid-19 or another challenge, please contact us [email protected] 

We believe in our product 100% and we KNOW the actions and steps taught within it work. 

For that reason we do not offer refunds. 

The full course will be available to access for paid students immediately. 

We know different people like to work at different paces. That's why we have enabled the course to be accessible from start to finish. 

That said, the course should be followed and completed in a sequential order. For that reason, you cannot access the next module until you have completed the one you're in. 

We want people to get the most out of this course and not jump ahead, potentially missing out on key exercises. That's why, while the course is available and is not drip fed to you, you must have completed the module prior in order to get to the next one. 


You can start and finish this course when it suits you. For some people they want to start this immediately. 

For others, you may wish to buy this now and take advantage of the price (which will increase the next time it launches) but not actually start the course until later. 

Either way, you'll have lifetime access so you can take advantage of any updates or even do the course each year as a refresher.

The Marketing for Your Small Business online course is valued at the same price Fiona would charge to run this workshop in-house with a brand. 

Yet, unlike the private in-house workshops or the live public workshops, this course enables you to tap into Fiona's teachings anytime, anywhere.

What's more, they are all housed in the course program for you to keep and refer back to for years. 

You are also getting lifetime access to this course. That means if it's updated in the future, you'll benefit from those updated lessons too!


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